After a deal was struck between two developers, the project to transform an Aberdeen landmark that has laid derelict for decades is due to start by the end of the year. The property firm Dandara bought the Triple Kirks site for an estimated £4million from the Stewart Milne Group, which secured planning permission to build office space in 2011, and predicts to invest £20 million on the new development. The project will involve the retention of the historic spire at the A-listed former church, which was built in 1843, and is regarded as one of renowned city architect Archibald Simpson’s finest achievements. Sources confirm that the building process will proceed regardless of future city-centre re-developments and is expected to be ready by the end of 2015.

The project: transforming Aberdeen’s landmark into office space

The chartered architect that will overtake the project, John Halliday Fraser Munro, unveiled proposals last week for a major over-haul of the Denburn Valley area. These are based on re-locating the entrance to the city’s train station to Union Street. The Triple Kirks office space plans were also drawn up by Halliday Fraser Munro, which showed excited about the new project and all the possibilities of the location.

Gavin Wyley, managing director of Dandara in Aberdeen, also revealed that this bespoke new office space will be named The Point. The development will provide 7,342 sq.m. (80,000 sq.ft.) of commercial space at the former North Kirk section of the site. The property firm is expecting “strong interest” in the project from prospective tenants. According to Wyley, these would be attracted by the idea of finding a location in the centre of Aberdeen that would accommodate to their specific needs.

Last night, news of progress at the site after a lengthy delay was also welcomed by council leader Barney Crockett as a “great step forward” for the city.


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